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Tactical Combat

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When we came to designing EXODE combat system, we felt that the usual FPS simulation wouldn't fit into our game.

Although it would be nice to wander around in your colony in first person view, it would also mean a lot of management problems and repetitive actions for the player. Run there, pick that, give this. No, that didn't fit.

How many times have you died in a FPS/MMO game because of a mistep, a nasty surprise, or even, your cell phone ringing in the middle of a fight?

We surely didn't want that to happen in EXODE with its Permanent Death system. We wanted to put the player in control, not the game and its tricks.

More often than not, the player will not have to do everything on his own and will use his Citizens to protect the Colony. We introduced special Citizens, called 'Officers', to allow an even deeper management system.

The player will actually manage his character and his Officiers inventory and setup his own outdoor missions.

When nasty events occur (monster raids, indigenous attacks, ...) the game will switch to Tactical view.

The game will allow combat pauses (so that you can answer the phone, get your lunch ready, talk to your wife... ;-) ) and give you time to think out your actions.

The combat engine will also allow both for real time and turn-based strategy. Press BACKSPACE to activate the turn-based mode, press it again to go back to real time.

Please stay tuned to get more insight into the tactical combat system when we will release our first alpha screenshots.

The next section will introduce you to the most powerful multiplayer feature of EXODE: its Faction and Career creation system.