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Multiplayer Features

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Cooperative gaming is a main component of our design.
As a result, multiplayer is essential to EXODE gameplay.

Players are very free in their decisions, and never are forced into doing one thing or the other.

There isn't any "class-limited" things to begin with (you do not need a Class X character friend to use Skill Y to make a portal to place Z), there are no magical healing, and no camping of any sort.

And there isn't any sort of forced combination, the only restrictions to a player's actions being normal material time and costs.

But isn't it reassuring to know that you are not alone, that safe havens might exist for your ships?

The game has many interesting features regarding player communications and cooperation, which provides an effective and realistic persistent multiplayer:

In the next section we will detail one of the most unique features:

The permanent death penalty, and its related Heir System.

This is something that we feel is very powerful, and that has never been experienced in a computer game.