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Main Features

EXODE Main Features: EXODE Unique Features:
  Main Features Heir System
... discover a unique Strategy RPG. Multiplayer Features Tactical Combat
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Create Factions & Quests
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Discover whole new gameplay elements where your decisions shape your future:

Administrate your new Colony and refugees:

And much, much more...

There are many more features into this game. We are strongly influenced by the games who made all of us gamers, like Master of Orion 2, X-COM: Ufo Defense or Civilization (all Micropose titles, all rights reserved).

You will not find the usual 3D resource hog in this game. But you will find a finely tuned opened gameplay.

Please note that the game will be compatible with most configurations, and available on Mac (OS X) and PC (Windows XP / Vista / Seven).

Expect surprising and evolving features to be found in EXODE!

Please proceed now with the best part: the multiplayer features of EXODE...