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Invention System

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Thanks to the Invention system that will be featured in EXODE, players will actually be able to design, build and trade almost everything they have in mind.

With EXODE original background, that puts players on unknown habitable planets in a far away galaxy, we ended up with a strong and unique invention concept, that we feel is a treasure on its own.

The very opened tradeskill system allows players to use the mineral and organic materials available only on their planet in order to create new basic materials.

Design a new plasteel armor metal, or a new fuel, with its cost, mass, duration, power and risks (flammable, radioactive, etc.). Trade these components will other players throughout the galaxy. Maybe *you* could become the new era "black oil magna"?

Use these materials in new weapons, buildings and ship designs ; devices, modules, components, you name it. EXODE provides a deep, very rich multiplayer tradeskill system.

Want to produce this biocarbone-powered ship on your planet? Just find its design, then refine existing components with the materials allowed on your planet, and redesign it.

There are of course limitations; your scientific skills, or those of your Officers and citizens count.

But you can be sure that with EXODE, you can express full creativity along with thought out trade strategy.

When we think about all that this feature allows in a multiplayer game, we almost pass out!

We are very eager to see players using this system, and cannot wait to launch our open betatest and see players using this system.

Please stay tuned, explore the EXODE forums and all other sections... would you dare to travel with us to the EXODE universe?