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The Heir System

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As you may have read, EXODE features a Permanent Death Penalty.

Yes, you no longer run everywhere like a tourist-on-drugs; EXODE is a persistent strategy game involving a strong background and fiction, and we feel that Permanent Death fits right into this design.

If almost all human life has been exterminated, why should you remain an exception? There has to be reasons for that, and there will be.

Of course, this also means that we don't want our players to be assaulted and killed randomly, or that only hardcore gamers will find their fun.

EXODE provides a free gameplay, but there won't be any way for casual players to go easily wrong when playing the game. If you play dumb, you will surely end up dead, but whether you play casually or a lot of your time, you will find that the game doesn't cheat or trick you, and ends up being much easier than it might seem.

Deaths will actually be ways less random than in your usual MMOs.

Of course, the reason behind this is that the game bears a game design that is completed worked with Permanent Death in mind.

You are not forced to go hunting, to camp spawns or do anything you shouldn't want to do. But there is more. EXODE gameplay actually transforms what could be a "death penalty" into some sort of exceptional, strong and unique "reward system".

And here is how:

The next section will introduce you to the Tactical Combat system available in EXODE.

Learn what deadly exploration, rich strategy options and gratifying firepower give when they mix together.