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Faction Creation System

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Our Faction Creation System simply goes where no other game has ventured before.

In most other games, players are allowed to create their guild, along with a name, logo, background and Hall.

In EXODE, player Factions also supply ingame bonuses, ranging from attribute and skills bonuses to full new abilities.

EXODE Faction Creation Tool also bestows players with the ability to customize the allowed Career Positions within their Faction.

Careers offer a set of other bonuses, along with ranks within this Career that allows players to go up in promotions (and abilities!) if they meet the prerequisites.

It already means a lot. You may create your Pirate Clan with ingame ranks, and requirement to have enough killings (or contributed loot) to go up in character abilities. Or create a Trade Community with resource taxes.

But we didn't stop there. As very demanding developers and gamers, we wanted to put the best into this system.

We added the following:

If you want to know more about how to create your Faction and Careers, please click here to view a detailed forum topic on this subject, or here to try the Creation Tool right away.

EXODE features many unique concepts and we cannot introduce you to them all. We will now delve into one last original gameplay feature: the Invention System.