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This movie will introduce you to the world of EXODE. Please have a seat, and enjoy the travel.

Useful Tools

EXODE Software

Our Character Creation Tool is now available for download!

>> Download Exode Alpha (PC) - 0.121 (June 30th)
>> Download Exode Alpha (Mac) - 0.120
>> View changelog (0.121, June 30th update)

Note that only registered Settlers accounts will be allowed to create characters and see the next previews.


EXODE has a strong background and values it thanks to deep, emotional music.

Excellent artists have contributed their songs to the game. Please find here full credits to these skilled and amazing composers and singers.

Faction Books

Federal Navy

The remnants of the last terran military force, the UNSN (the United Nations Space Navy) have only two objectives:
1) protect citizens, and
2) be able one day to strike back at the enemy, and make them pay...

Available soon

Serpent's League

Because federal law can no longer apply, the serpent's league network might be seen as a bunch of organized free people rather than criminals. They value individual strength and survival skills, and loyalty to their own clans. Piracy is also one of their suspected hobbies.

Available soon

Commerce Federation

Because resources are critical and essential to mankind's survival, the Commerce Federation gathers and exchanges them, and protects its traders. It is thanks to this Federation that mankind is able to survive.

Available soon

Alliance of Shangri-La

A safe shelter for the last human beings is the spiritual fundation of the Alliance. They will always welcome other humans and pardon them, as men should never exploit or attack each other now that they have found a common enemy. An enemy that should be studied and avoided, not assaulted directly.

Shangri La itself is a secret city, rumored to be the hugest surviving human colony - much like the city of Sion in the Matrix movies (all rights reserved to its rightful owner), for the same obvious reasons.

Available soon